Preschool Series: Loving them Like Jesus


Loving them Like Jesus: Footwashing

Worship: (include bubbles and instruments and scarves)

Oh, How I love Jesus

Jesus is My Superhero

How Great is Our God

Prayer: Have a child pray to open up our time together

Welcome: Tell children you are glad to see them and ask them for a few minutes how their week was (we have the kids sit on carpet squares)

Review Last Week’s Lesson with a few questions (a piece of candy for those who remember the details)

Reminder of the Rules:

Scripture Reference: John 13:1-17

Bible Lesson: Today we are looking at the story of Jesus, washing the disciples feet. In the story, it is just before the Passover meal, and He was getting ready to leave them. The word says that “He loved them to the end.” The disciples had reservation about Jesus washing their feet, but Jesus told them “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.” Although this is a small portion of scripture, unpacking it for preschoolers is a big thing. We tell the story in a couple of ways.

  1. Read it: from a child appropriate bible. I like the Jesus Storybook Bible, the Fire Bible for Kids, or the Veggietales Bible.
  2. Act it: Have a Few Kids represent characters from the story and retell it using the children
  3. Color it: Have the kids color a coloring page from the story
  4. Group it: Break the kids into small groups. Take one group to the footwashing station, one to a playdoh station, one to a snack station. Rotating the groups will cut down on behavior problems.
  5. Do it: Prepare ahead of time: Several cans of shaving cream, 2 flat buckets, tarp, towels:

Lay a tarp out on the floor. On top of the tarp lay out two flat buckets side by side. Fill one with shaving cream and one with warm water. Make sure to have towels or paper towels available to dry off.

Explain to the kids that you are going to wash their feet like Jesus did with the disciples. As you roll up their pants and help them in, talk about the texture of the soap, how it feels, and how it gets all over them. As you help them step into the water, wash the soap off of them. Talk about how Jesus washed the disciples feet just like you are doing. Then talk about how Jesus washes all the yucky stuff off of us (sin) if we ask Him. He helps wash our hearts, just like we are washing our feet. Make sure to look into the child’s eyes, and communicate love with your tone of voice as well as your words.

When all is done, regroup the kids and talk to them about how it felt to have their teacher wash their feet. Talk about how it must have felt for the disciples to have Jesus wash their feet.

Closing Prayer: Ask the kids, “Who wants Jesus to wash all the yucky stuff from their hearts?” and invite them to ask Jesus into their hearts.

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