It’s time again for a lent challenge. Every year we focus in on one book to read as we prepare our hearts in the weeks leading up to Easter. This year, the Lord has been directing me to continually seek wisdom. I have been studying King Hezekiah lately. If you don’t remember who he is, check out his story in 2 Kings 18–20, Isaiah 36–39, and 2 Chronicles 29–32. When King Hezi, as I affectionately call him, was seeking God’s wisdom, he copied the proverbs of Solomon. So, even though it is different than what we normally do, this is what I sense the Lord is calling us to do this year.  We are going to write out each of the Proverbs.

Lent officially begins on Valentine’s Day this year.

Don’t you LOVE it?

We will begin on Valentines, and work through one Proverb a day throughout the week. Saturday will be a catch up day, and Sunday will be a day of rest. If you have never written the Word before, this is a great time to start. What you will see is that things start to jump off the page in a fresh way. I also will be doing the color method of Bible study on each passage, but feel free to study in whatever way you are comfortable. The goal is to get the Word before you, off the page and into your heart. I will be doing some blog and social media posts so we can discuss together what God is doing. Feel free to share this challenge with your friends. Don’t stress too much about the hows and whats…… Grab an old notebook, or a fancy new one, whatever makes you happy. And prepare to #getwise


Blessings Friends,

Pastor Rachael



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